Sorin BOCANCEA (b. 1970) is an Associate Professor Doctor at the Faculty of Political and Administrative Sciences within Petre Andrei” of Iaşi. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iaşi (1996) and he holds doctoral degrees in philosophy (2006) and in political science (2008). Currently, he is the recipient of a post-doctoral scholarship from the Romanian Academy, within the Project “The Knowledge-Based Society – research, debates, perspectives”.

Fields of interest: political philosophy and European studies.

Published books: Instituţii şi politici publice în Uniunea Europeană / Institutions and public policies in the European Union (Iași: Cantes, 2004); Cetatea lui Platon / Plato’s city (Iași: Institutul European, 2010); Coordinator (with Daniel Șandru) of the volume Mass-media și democrația în România postcomunistă / Mass-media and democracy in post-communist Romania (Institutul European, Iași, 2011). Other papers: “Les réticences de la Roumanie à l’entrée dans L’Union Européenne”, in Cahier d’histoire immediate, no. 24/2003, Toulouse; “Plato: Philosophy as Politics”, in META: Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, and Practical Philosophy vol. I, no. 1/2009; “Intellectuals and Politics. The Obsession of a Phantasmagorical Betrayal”, in Europolis. Jurnal of Political Analysis and Theory, vol. 4 (2)/Decembe 2010; “Evoluția învățământului academic privat în România postcomunistă” / “The evolution of private higher education in post-communist Romania” in Vasile Boari, Natalia Vlas, Radu Murea (coord.), România după douăzeci de ani / Romania twenty years after, vol. II, (Institutul European, Iași, 2011); “The Affinity Relationships between Ideology and Science”, in Transilvania Journal, no. 2/2011; “Ideologie și filosofie. O abordare operațională” / “Ideology and philosophy. An operational approach”, in Transilvania Journal, no. 3-4/2011; “Mass-media și puterea politică în România postcomunistă. Forme ale unor relații anormale” / “Mass-media and political power in post-communist Romania” in Daniel Șandru & Sorin Bocancea (coord.), Mass-media și democrația în România postcomunistă / Mass-media and democracy in post-communist Romania, ed. cit; “Ideologia. Povestea fără sfârșit” / “Ideology. An endless story” in The Sphere of Politics no. 9(163)/September 2011.

He is an editor for the Timpul journal and a peer-reviewer for the journals The Sphere of Politics and Transilvania.