Sorin BOCANCEA (b. 1970) is a Ph.D. University Professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Administration at ”Petre Andrei” University in Iași. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at ”Al. I. Cuza” University in Iași (1996) and holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy (2006) and Political Science (2008). Currently, he is a postdoctoral fellow at the Romanian Academy, within the project ”Knowledge-Based Society – Research, Debates, Perspectives”.

Areas of interest: Political Philosophy and European Studies.

Published Books: Institutions and Public Policies in the European Union (Iași: Cantes Publishing, 2004); Plato’s Citadel (Iași: European Institute, 2010); Co-editor (together with Daniel Șandru) of the volume Mass Media and Democracy in Post-Communist Romania (European Institute Publishing, Iași, 2011). Other works: ”Romania’s Reluctance to Join the European Union”, in Cahier d’histoire immediate, no. 24/2003, Toulouse; ”Plato: Philosophy as Politics”, in META: Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, and Practical Philosophy, vol. I, no. 1/2009; ”Intellectuals and Politics. The Obsession of a Phantasmagorical Betrayal”, in Europolis: Journal of Political Analysis and Theory, vol. 4 (2)/December 2010; ”The Evolution of Private Academic Education in Post-Communist Romania”, in Vasile Boari, Natalia Vlas, Radu Murea (eds.), Romania after Twenty Years, vol. II, (European Institute Publishing, Iași, 2011); ”The Affinity Relationships between Ideology and Science”, in Transilvania Journal, no. 2/2011; ”Ideology and Philosophy: An Operational Approach”, in Transilvania Journal, no. 3-4/2011; ”Mass Media and Political Power in Post-Communist Romania: Forms of Abnormal Relationships” in Daniel Șandru & Sorin Bocancea (eds.), Mass Media and Democracy in Post-Communist Romania, cited edition; ”Ideology: The Endless Story” in Sfera Politicii, no. 9(163) / September 2011.

He is an editor for Timpul Magazine and a peer-reviewer for Sfera Politicii and Transilvania Journals.