DANIEL ŞANDRU (n. 1975) is an Professor Doctor at the Faculty of Political and Administrative Sciences within Petre Andrei” of Iaşi. Currently, he is the recipient of a post-doctoral scholarship from the Romanian Academy, within the Project “The Knowledge-Based Society – research, debates, perspectives”. He carried out research and documentation traineeships in Political Science and Political Theory at Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands, (1999), Universität Konstanz (2010) and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2011), Germany, being a member of the International Sociological Association and the International Political Science Association.

Coordinator, with Sorin Bocancea, of the volume Mass-media și democrația în România postcomunistă / Mass-media and democracy in post-communist Romania (Institutul European, Iași, 2011), he published the books Sub semnul paradoxului cotidian / Under the sign of daily paradox (journalism, Institutul European, Iaşi, 2010), Reinventarea ideologiei. O abordare teoretico-politică / Reinventing ideology. A theoretical-political approach (Institutul European, Iaşi, 2009), a work which was distinguished with the award “Lumea de mâine”/ “Tomorrow’s World”, granted to a young researcher in the field of political science by the journal The Sphere of Politics, and he co-authored the book Concepte şi modele în ştiinţa politică / Concepts and models in political science (Cantes, Iași, 2001); he also published the online course book Teorie politică şi ideologie / Political theory and ideology (Institutul European, Iaşi, 2011).

He began his journalistic career as editor-in-chief of the Opinia studenţească journal and he is currently a book-reviewer for CEU Political Science Journal (Budapest), a peer-reviewer for Transilvania journal (Sibiu) and an editor for The Sphere of Politics journal (Bucharest).