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Instructions to Authors

The Polis Journal of Political Science welcomes original manuscripts which have not been published elsewhere and are not under review by other scientific journals. The rules and procedures leading to the selection of the articles to be published in The Polis Journal presuppose the evaluation of the materials by our journal’s team of reviewers.  Before being submitted for evaluation the manuscripts are made anonymous in order to maximize the reviewers’ objectivity and to ensure that the articles are evaluated based only on their content and originality. The authors should receive the reviewing form, with the decision to accept / change / reject your article, within 2 – 4 weeks from our initial confirmation of receipt. Articles are to be published within a period of 6 months from their submission.

For other details regarding the referencing style used by the Romanian Academy please see the documents below:

Instructions to authors
Please use the following address to send us your manuscripts in electronic form (.doc or .docx):
Articles must be sent to the address together with the editing contract dully signed and scanned.
Owing to the access policy, the journal may grant copyrights to authors after a term of at least 3 months from the publication of the article in its online version.
In order to be granted copyright under the conditions mentioned above, authors must send a request in this respect together with the Polis Journal Copyright License Agreement  to
Before sending us your work, please use the following guidelines to write your paper. Polis reserves the right to reject the articles which do not comply with these instructions.
In order to check the authenticity of the materials submitted for publication, the Polis Journal uses anti-plagiarism software.
General structure

The Polis Journal of Political Science publishes articles and studies written in Romanian and English.

All articles should comply with the general standards of academic and scientific writing, and they must comprise an introductory part, distinct chapters / sections, and conclusions. The texts should have 20.000 to 40.000 characters with spaces (10 to 20 standard pages).

Articles should be written using the default page layout in Microsoft Word, with Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1.5 line spacing, and no additional spaces before and after paragraphs.

The first page of your article should include the following information: article title, author(s) name(s) (institutional affiliation and e-mail), an abstract of 200-350 words, and 4-6 keywords.

Please use the following template to format your paper model

Citation style

The Polis Journal uses the reference style recommended by the Romanian Academy. In this system, the bibliographical resources quoted in the text are cited in footnotes.

[…] In is a matter that the Romanian political science scholar Daniel Șandru describes in his recent works 1 . […]

Daniel Șandru, Reinventarea ideologiei, Editura Institutul European, Iași, 2010, pp. 210-221.

The paper’s final bibliography assembles all the sources cited in footnotes, listed in alphabetical order (Last Name First Name, Title, Publisher Name, Publisher City, Year Published.). The bibliographical resources consulted on the Internet are to be listed in a separate section. These resources should be cited in agreement with the general rules relative to the citation of electronic bibliography by mentioning the day on which the electronic document was accessed by the author.

Footnote format.

In order to insert footnotes into your article, please use the “Footnote” option available in Word, using Times New Roman, 10 pt, 1 line spacing. The first time an author / a work is cited, the footnote must provide full bibliographical details, including the page-pages (use the abbreviation “p.” for one page and “pp.” for multiple pages). The footnotes for subsequent references to the same author / work should use Latin shortened forms (ibid., id., op. cit., etc.).

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